First Things First…

Hi, my name is Staci. I am 43, a college student working on a bachelor’s degree, single mother of three (one girl and two boys), grandmother to one granddaughter, care giver to my twin niece and nephew, student ministry hospitality team coordinator, homemaker,  friend, sister, daughter, and whatever else the Lord calls me for. I have started this blog for a few reasons. My number one goal is to minister to the parents of children with special needs and to bring more understanding to the public about this


Some of the zoo crew and their shenanigans on St. Patrick’s Day at Galveston Beach.

population. It is a sweet burden to bear and one that offers far more benefits to those that care for a person with special needs than is comprehensible. A life where sometimes the challenges outweigh the victories. The victories are not always lasting and you learn to celebrate the moment.

With this blog, I want to share personal experiences and open up a dialogue with others looking to connect with someone that can relate as well as people who do not have experience with disabilities but want to understand this aspect of life more. I also want to offer resources that I have used myself or find that have helped others.

As this blog evolves you will be able to find information on events, camps, clubs, support for parents, educational resources, volunteer opportunities, and many other links and information to help make the best decisions possible for your family and to educate yourself with. The resources are out there but it can be overwhelming. My goal is to spotlight quality resources making it a little easier to navigate.

Another reason I have started this blog is to give a voice to single parents period. Yes, I have a child with a disability but I also have two children that do not. One is grown and has a daughter of her own while the other one still has a few years before he can fly the crazy coop. So, we will talk about trying to raise a healthy family when you have some pretty complicated circumstances and how I have survived by keeping my eyes on Jesus. My stories are not going to be about how I manage perfection but how I manage my beautiful mess.

Later, I will be adding some unique and interesting features that include bringing awareness to small businesses in my area with interviews and information that I hope will be fun to read and even more fun to visit.

Lastly, before my precious children begin arriving home from school and I begin the painstaking task of delegating chores, finding something to make for dinner that will not cause WWIII, and finding a way to make yard work a “fun” family affair, I will just add that I am an aspiring writer with an agenda. This blog will serve as my platform to introduce a very special series of books that I am just beginning to work on. These stories will entertain but more importantly they will educate. That is all I am going to say about that for now but I will reveal exclusive information and introduce you to characters as it comes along.

So, this is it. My first blog and your first look into my life and my purpose. I am excited to see my passion become a reality and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

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